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Cover to Cover

By Coach House, July 01, 2016

Although screenshots of Google’s autocomplete search suggestions are posted across the web as hilarious glimpses of the curiosities of the digital masses (or sometimes just as found poetry), the results of these searches aren’t the same for every user.

Finding our Orgasms

By Coach House, June 01, 2016

‘Well you see like a woman has a few things going for her, not very many but she has a few things going for her and one of them is uh, dare I mention it, a clit-clitoris and uh, whooo, a clitoris, yes.’

The Dusty Bookshelf: September 2016

By Coach House, October 05, 2016

What’re the beleaguered folks at Coach House reading this month to stave off bad feelings as the sun begins to set earlier?

In Praise of Nasty Women

By Coach House, October 21, 2016 Tags: sarah barmak , tamara faith berger , nasty , women

The Dusty Bookshelf: October 2016

By Coach House, November 15, 2016

See what leafy sheets the Coach House crew have been tucked between this October.

‘Brick’ by Gary Barwin

By Coach House, November 17, 2016 Tags: poetry , gary barwin

A poem from the Giller shortlisted author’s collection of poetry, The Porcupinity of the Stars (2010).

The Holiday Response Unit

By Coach House, November 29, 2016 Tags: holiday

The holiday season is in full swing here at Coach House. Along with free shipping and personalized gift wrapping, this means our crack Holiday Response Unit is here to ease the twin burdens of obligatory gift giving and indecisiveness.

Here’s a particularly inspiring display of gift-giving dexterity from our very own Kate Barss.

The Dusty Bookshelf: November 2016

By Coach House, December 01, 2016 Tags: image comics , wave books , bookthug , guts magazine

From the loss of beloved poets and artists to a jarring political landscape to a few days below freezing, we had no shortage of excuses not to leave our homes this November. Instead, we read.

The difficult art of slicing processed meat with a prehistoric tool

By Maxime Raymond Bock, December 14, 2016 Tags: baloney , bock , strauss

Maxime Raymond Bock, author of Baloney, on drinking too much coffee and the difficulty of choosing a translated title. 

Lisa Robertson

Poet and essayist Lisa Robertson has held residencies at the California College of the Arts, Cambridge University; University of California, Berkeley; UC San Diego; and American University of Paris. Her ...