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Bureau of Architecture and Urbanism (BAU)

Originally published in 1987, Toronto Modern was prepared as a catalogue to accompany the eponymous exhibition organized by the Bureau of Architecture and Urbanism (BAU), a group of architects devoted ...

The Holiday Response Unit

By Coach House November 29, 2016 Tags: holiday

The holiday season is in full swing here at Coach House. Along with free shipping and personalized gift wrapping, this means our crack Holiday Response Unit is here to ease the twin burdens of obligatory gift giving and indecisiveness.

Here’s a particularly inspiring display of gift-giving dexterity from our very own Kate Barss.

The Dusty Bookshelf: November 2016

By Coach House December 01, 2016 Tags: image comics, wave books, bookthug, guts magazine

From the loss of beloved poets and artists to a jarring political landscape to a few days below freezing, we had no shortage of excuses not to leave our homes this November. Instead, we read.

The difficult art of slicing processed meat with a prehistoric tool

By Maxime Raymond Bock December 14, 2016 Tags: baloney, bock, strauss

Maxime Raymond Bock, author of Baloney, on drinking too much coffee and the difficulty of choosing a translated title. 

Linda Besner

Linda Besner is the author of The Id Kid, published in 2011 by Vehicule Press and named one of the National Post 's Best Poetry Books of the Year. Her poetry and journalism have appeared in numerous magazines. ...

Julia Cooper

Julia Cooper has written for the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and Hazlitt magazine, among others. Based in Toronto, Ontario, she recently completed a PhD in English Literature at the University of ...

Shane Rhodes

Shane Rhodes is the author of five books of poetry, and has won awards including an Alberta Book Award and the National Magazine Gold Award for Poetry. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

Academic Portal

Over the decades, Coach House Books has built an impressive roster of titles perfect for use in postsecondary education. We offer titles ideal for use in programs and courses from Canadian Literature ...

Jane Farrow

Jane is a curious Torontonian who has immersed herself in urban affairs as a city hall staffer, community animator, CBC radio broadcaster and writer. She was the first executive director of Jane's Walk, ...