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Falling Hour

By Geoffrey Morrison
Categories: Fiction

All talk, no action: The Mezzanine meets Ducks, Newburyport in this meandering and captivating debut

It’s a hot summer night, and Hugh Dalgarno, a 31-year-old clerical worker, thinks his brain is broken. ...

Sing, Nightingale

By Marie Hélène Poitras
Translated by Rhonda Mullins
Categories: Fiction

Peter Greenaway meets Angela Carter: a Gothic tale of secrets and revenge

Beneath the bright sky of Noirax lies a long tradition of secrets. Generations of men on the Malmaison estate have fathered countless ...


By RM Vaughan
Categories: Fiction


A novel about Berlin: a city for artists and libertines, a perfect place to find love and madness.

When he tired of Toronto’s insular scene, ...


By Michael
Categories: Fiction

‘I just don’t believe that man is made of flesh and blood.’ - Jack Johnson, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Pain was Joe Grim’s self-expression, his livelihood and reason for being. In 1908–09 ...

Slows: Twice

By T. Liem
Categories: Poetry

Backward and forward: a double book of mirrored poems about identity in all its forms.

This is a book of slow hours, days, and years—how they can collapse into one another, how it can feel like we are ...

Continuity Errors

By Catriona Wright
Categories: Poetry

Feminist poems both serious and absurd that question our obsession with productivity instead of with care.

?? Continuity Errors questions the privileging of work and productivity over rest and care from ...

The Animal in the Room

By Meghan Kemp-Gee
Categories: Poetry

Deer with binoculars, wolves with resumes: bioengineered poetry that unsettles truth, fact, and history.

Animals are strange testing grounds for thinking about subjectivity, language, the body - really, ...

Soldiers, Hunters, Not Cowboys

By Aaron Tucker
Categories: Fiction

Cat Person' meets Station Eleven in this apocalyptic depiction of toxic masculinity.

An unnamed man is spending the evening with his ex-girlfriend. She's obsessed with the 1956 John Wayne classic The Searchers ...

Not Anywhere, Just Not

By Ken Sparling
Categories: Fiction

Boy meets Girl, Boy marries Girl, and years later Boy mysteriously disappears in this Gordon Lish–style novel.

People are disappearing. And when they return, they can't say where they've been: "I was ...

To the Forest

By Anais Barbeau-Lavalette
Translated by Rhonda Mullins
Categories: Fiction

When the pandemic forces a family to return to the mother's childhood home, she seeks meaning in her ancestral roots and the violent beauty of the natural world.
Fleeing the city at the beginning of the ...