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Holiday HQ

Celebrate the only time of year it’s socially acceptable to bathe in a mixture of eggs, sugar & brandy with Coach House Books. Until December 20th, take advantage of free regular shipping on all Canadian orders, complimentary gift wrapping, special holiday book bundles, and personal recommendations from the Coach House Holiday Response Unit. Or stop by 80 bpNichol Lane Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM & 5:30 PM to visit our factory outlet.

Squirrel Selects™

It’s a scene we know well. It’s December. You’re perusing the aisles of your local bookstore, ostensibly shopping for others – coworkers, relatives, friends – while a mental list of titles you plan to buy for yourself in a Boxing Day haze steadily accrues. There’s no shortage of titles you’d gift yourself but, as time slinks forward and sweat starts darkening your shirt, what was once a shifting, inarticulable feeling in the nosebleeds of your brain moves to the front row. There are simply too many books staring down at you. Do you buy your quiet cousin a book about Norwegian wood chopping techniques or a book of poems about sun and flowers?

From now until December 20th, send us a description of your giftee using this online form, or email Include as many details as you think will help our squirrely pals choose the best book for them – their favourite colour, the last book they read and enjoyed, the last book they read and hated, their astrological sign, you get the picture. Speaking of which, send us a picture too, and we'll add it to our scrapbook of happy people who got just what they wanted. If you're into what the squirrels pick, you can order it from our website and we'll gift wrap it in press sheets with a personalized note – for free! We'll even throw in free regular shipping for Canadian orders. You're welcome!


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