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The Holiday Response Unit

The Holiday Response Unit

Kate Barss, Publishing Assistant

By Coach House Date: November 29, 2016 Tags: holiday

The holiday season is in full swing here at Coach House. Along with free shipping and personalized gift wrapping, this means our crack Holiday Response Unit is here to ease the twin burdens of obligatory gift giving and indecisiveness.

Here’s a particularly inspiring display of gift-giving dexterity from our very own Kate Barss:

‘My sister Natasha is a zoology-crazed, fauna-loving fiend. She’s a former MNR fish-hatchery employee who is currently studying to be a vet tech. On weekends, when she visits, she often leaves town with a Ziplock filled with fecal matter from my cat’s litter box for her Monday morning animal parasite lab. To keep her love of all metazoan life running strong, this holiday I’m gifting her a few of Coach House’s finest.’ 

Pillow by Andrew Battershilll – A story of a zoo-loving professional boxer turned drug dealer and his quest to see some giraffes. 

Guano by Louis Carmain, translated by Rhonda Mullins – A charmingly sardonic tale of love, war and fertilizer (specifically bird excrement). 

Amphibian by Carla Gunn – A tale of a nine year old with an encyclopedic knowledge of the natural and animal worlds grappling with anxieties that are wholly human.


All season long, create your own bundles of 3 or more books (for 15% off), check out our pre-made bundles for the affectionately predictable or make use of the Holiday Response Unit for individual recommendations.