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By Tamara Faith Berger
Categories: Fiction
Paperback : 9781552454671, 192 pages, October 2023
Expected to ship: 2023-10-17

From the author of Maidenhead, a reverse cautionary tale about a young woman exploring the boundaries of sex and belonging in the early 2000s

Distraught that her teenage daughter is in love with a woman a decade older, Yara’s mother sends Yara away from their home in Brazil on a Birthright trip to Israel for Jewish youth. Freed from her increasingly controlling and jealous girlfriend, Yara is determined to forge her own path and follow her desires.

But Birthright takes a debaucherous turn, and Yara flees Israel for Toronto, where she begins to see her relationship in the new, uncertain light of sexual abuse; then California, where she plays with the line between erotic film and real life. As Yara wanders, she tries to keep her head above water, connecting the dots between the lands in which she finds herself, the places she has been, and the places she is headed.


"There are no easy moments, no comfort to be found in the searing prose. . . . When writers get young female sexuality right, stories become a revelation and such is the case with Maidenhead. The writing pulls the reader desperately close." – Roxane Gay on MaidenheadThe Rumpus

"Myra's confusion, her passion, her need for possession and to be possessed, make this novel an incredible read, finding its place, as Sheila Heti (who should know) wrote, 'somewhere between the wilds of Judy Blume, Girls Gone Wild and Michel Foucault.'" – Flavorwire, on Maidenhead

"Raw, powerful, political, and compassionate, albeit with sharp elbows. 'There are no forsaken human beings,' writes Berger, and, indeed, through the cacophony of voices, violence, sex, and family conflict we get the shining ability of humans to survive, and the beauty that the buds of forgiveness finally enclose." – Amber Sparks, author of And I Do Not Forgive You on Queen Solomon

"Berger's writing is significant, poignant and consciously uncomfortable. Her portrait of female sexuality is daring, original and troubling. Berger's language is crass; this isn't missionary-style 'love-making.' This is dirty, animalistic sex. This is pornography rubbing up against the literary establishment." – Telegraph-Journal on Little Cat

"I bought this book hoping for good masturbation material, but honestly my mind was too blown to even move my hand." – Miranda July on Kuntalini

"Tamara Faith Berger has been writing challenging and sexy books for more than a decade." – The Believer on Kuntalini