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Soldiers, Hunters, Not Cowboys

By Aaron Tucker
Categories: Fiction

– ‘Cat Person’ meets Station Eleven in this apocalyptic depiction of toxic masculinity.

An unnamed man is spending the evening with his ex-girlfriend. She’s obsessed with the 1956 John Wayne classic ...


By Gil Adamson
Categories: Poetry

Published in 1991, when Gil Adamson was in her 20s, by Coach House Press, Primitive explores the perils of family, the freedom of the road ...… sex, cars and lack of sleep. And lizards.

'The gaze is cinematic, ...

The Animal in the Room

By Meghan Kemp-Gee
Categories: Poetry

Deer with binoculars, wolves with resumes: bioengineered poetry that unsettles truth, fact, and history.

Animals are strange testing grounds for thinking about subjectivity, language, the body — really, ...