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GreenTOpia - Towards a Sustainable Toronto


Towards a Sustainable Toronto

Edited by Alana Wilcox, Jonny Dovercourt, and Christina Palassio
Categories: Social Science
Series: Toronto nonfiction
Paperback : 9781552451946, 328 pages, November 2007
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770560857, 250 pages, November 2007
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770560840, 328 pages, November 2007

Table of contents



Pasha Malla - The green-thumb blues

Eva Ligeti - Brace yourself

Brendan Cormier - The Painted Line

Mark Fram - Planning walking zoning greening

John Degen - In praise of ugly

Catherine Nasmith - Waste not, want not: Buildings are not garbage

Bert Archer - How green is my city?


Wayne Reeves - From the ground up: Fragments towards an environmental history of Tkaronto

Sarah B. Hood - Power to the people!

Andrew McCammon - A community vision for Toronto's Taylor Massey Creek

Jason van Eyk - Noise in the city: Toronto's acoustic ecology

Seana Irvine - Something so green, down in the valley

Kerry Potts - Can you feel it? Finding the spirit of Toronto with the help of Aboriginal Torontonians

Jacob Allderdice - Life at the speed of the bicycle

Heather Marie Annis - A quick fix

Eduardo Sosa - The water commons: Moving from watershed management to watershed consciousness in Toronto

Todd Irvine - Growing our canopy, one tree at a time


Graeme Stewart - The suburban slab: Retrofitting our concrete legacy for a sustainable future

Amy Lavender Harris and Peter Fruchter - Acts of salvage

James MacNevin - Port Lands Estuary: A space for animal liberation?

Liliana da Silva and Man Hin Aaron Cheng - Recycling animal poop for a sustainable Toronto

Lorraine Johnson - Food for change

Margaret Zeidler and Erin MacKeen - The new workplace commons (and the green of older buildings)

Liz Forsberg and Laura Reinsborough - Developing an ecological imagination: The Black Creek Storytelling Parade

L. D. Danny Harvey - A transportation vision for Toronto

Rose & Erin McMillan and Len Rydahl - Lake Filter Attraction

Dale Duncan - Live, work and be green

Bryan Purcell, Chris Caners and Beth Savan - The University of GreenTOpia: Great minds for a green future

Georgie Donais - No straight flush: Park toilet will compost waste instead

The Waste Diversion Workshop - Talking trash: Increasing waste diversion in Toronto

John Lorinc - Big-box solar


Marc Ngui - Memoirs from a distant future

Anna Bowness - Green parenting

Katherine Morley, with Rymal Smith - Forget yellow cabs: Small changes for a green revolution

RVTR: Colin Ripley, Kathy Velikov, Geoffrey Thun, Paul Raff - Eat the city to save the planet: Toronto as the new agropolis

Chris Hardwicke - Ravine City

Michael Layton and Bram Westfall - Twenty-five years later, the WEEL is still spinning: International environmental knowledge centre celebrates 25th anniversary

Jerry Englar - Island Solar Wind Park

Darren O'Donnell and Marney Isaac - The Gardiner Garden of the Multitude: Visions of provision

Steven Dale - Road tolls and cashews

Keith Stewart - Climate change activism for fun and (mostly non-) profit


More trees. Hydrogen-fuelled cabs. Urbiology. A new model of taxation. Solar panels on big-box stores. The art of salvage. Composters for dog poo in city parks. Retrofitting our urban slabs. Gardening the Gardiner. Ravine City. What would make Toronto a greener place?

In the third volume of the uTOpia series, dozens of imaginative Torontonians think big and small about sustainability. From suggestions for changes to our transit system and more mixed-use neighbourhoods to a tongue-in-cheek proposal for a painted line aroudn the city and a short comic book about Toronto in the year 2057, GreenTOpia challenges the city and its residents to rethink what it means to be green in a metropolis, and how to take their love of the city one green step further. Other pieces include an interview with Mayor David Miller and a breakdown of the ecological impact of our morning coffee. GreenTOpia features photos, maps and a 56 page green directory of resources, organizations, incentives and programs promoting sustainability in the GTA.