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Daddy Lessons

Cowboy erotica meets Kathy Acker in this smart, raunchy look at a queer sexual awakening

Part memoir, part literary study, part formalist exercise in excitement, Daddy Lessons is a transgressive text of ...

Pale Shadows: A Novel of Emily Dickinson

By Dominique Fortier
Translated by Rhonda Mullins
Categories: Fiction

Dickinson after her death: a novel of the trio of women who brought Emily Dickinson’s poems out of the shadows 

A story of the power of books in our lives and the people behind them. A story of the ...

Big Mall

By Kate Black
Categories: Social Science

A phenomenology of the mall: If the mall makes us feel bad, why do we keep going back? In a world poisoned by capitalism, is shopping what makes life worth living?

In less than a century, the shopping ...