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Mary and the Rabbit Dream

Mary and the Rabbit Dream

By Noémi Kiss-Deáki
Categories: Fiction
Paperback : 9781552454947, 224 pages, September 2024
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770568365, 224 pages, September 2024
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770568372, 224 pages, September 2024
Expected to ship: 2024-09-10
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A sardonic, feminist reimagining of the story of Mary Toft, infamous rabbit-birthing hoaxer.

Mary Toft was just another eighteenth-century woman living in poverty, misery, and frequent pain. The kind of person overlooked by those with power, forgotten by historians.

Mary Toft was nothing. Until, that is, Mary Toft started giving birth to rabbits…

In Mary and the Rabbit Dream, the sensational debut novelist Noémi Kiss-Deáki reimagines Mary’s strange and fascinating story – and how she found fame when a large swath of England became convinced that she was the mother of rabbits.

Mary and the Rabbit Dream is a story of bodily autonomy, of absurdity, of the horrors inflicted on women, of the cruel realities of poverty, and the grotesque divides between rich and poor. It’s a book that matters deeply – and it’s also a compelling page-turner. A story told with exquisite wit, skill, and a beautiful streak of subversive mischief.

"Noémi Kiss-Deáki's style is astonishing – hypnotic, poetic, persistent, wild, blazing and marvellous. As the novel unfolds you simply can't believe what is happening – it's outrageous, it's cruel, it's unfathomable and yet – it's the way of the world. Here is Mary Toft's tale, retold in dazzling prose that is both exquisite and furious. Noémi reimagines the possibilities for historical fiction and Mary and the Rabbit Dream is utterly original and utterly brilliant." – Victoria MacKenzie, author of For Thy Great Pain Have Mercy On My Little Pain

“One of those novels that seemingly arrives from nowhere, fully formed, as odd, disturbing, and lingering as the most vivid of fever dreams. To create something so playfully provocative, subversive and gripping displays a rare literary talent. I’ve never read anything like it.” – Benjamin Myers, author of Cuddy

“In Mary and the Rabbit Dream, Noémi Kiss-Deáki transforms the tale of Mary Toft into a stinging, witty critique of the oppressions heaped upon the bodies of impoverished women. This is a brave debut, one told with courage and wit, one which dissects a ruthless system of class and gender – and lays bare the concentric circles of power that still govern our world.” – Selby Wynn Schwartz, author of After Sappho

“I loved Mary and the Rabbit Dream – a sprightly but savage tale that re-imagines the real-life case of Mary Toft, who, in 1736, supposedly started giving birth to rabbits … It’s a supple, smartly self-conscious and ingenious take on the historical novel.” – Lucy Scholes

“A tense, nightmarish book about power and incarnation. … Stylish, visceral, incandescent.” – Clare Pollard, author of Delphi

Mary and the Rabbit Dream casts the curious early-eighteenth-century story of Mary Toft in a totally fresh light. This is a furious, vituperative story about class, poverty, violence, and women’s bodies.” – Stu Hennigan, author of Ghost Signs


"Mary and the Rabbit Dream is a delight: cunning, curious, cunicular." – Lucy Scholes, The Telegraph