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The Coach House Books Holiday Gift Guide!

The Coach House Books Holiday Gift Guide!

By Coach House Date: November 28, 2022

Just like that it’s almost December – it’s time for catching up with friends and family, eating delicious food and cozying up with a good book (or several!)! You may also be starting to buy gifts for loved ones, and nothing makes a better gift than a book. We’ve got you covered here at Coach House - you can take 25% off your purchase of $50 or more and get free shipping! Having trouble picking out a book for someone on your list? Check out our suggestions below.

For the person who counts down to Canada Reads each year, knows intimate details about every member of the Giller Prize jury, and loves writing a good book review:


For the person who always has restaurant recommendations, shows off their dinner on their Instagram story and loves grocery shopping:


For the person who religiously follows #Toronto and #topoli, says things like “I can’t afford it but I still love Toronto”


For the person who binge-watched Black Mirror, spends too much time on Reddit and loves George Orwell:


For the person who loved HBO’s Girls, follows @bitchmedia on Instagram and loves a good Twitter rant:

For the person who never really reads but keeps saying how much they want to:


For the person who follows #DiscoverArt on Instagram, loves poetry and is an aspiring artist:


For the person who reads thrillers year-round, loved Yellowjackets and Lost, and knows way too much about true crime: 


For the person who bought a ‘plotless fiction’ tshirt from Type Books and loves books by Sheila Heti, Jenny Offill and Rachel Cusk:


For the creative family member who has a lot of strong opinions and secretly had a podcast:


For the person scrambling to reach their Goodreads reading goal (short books > long books):


For the history buff and road tripper who just loves a good playlist: