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By Ravi Jain & Miriam Fernandes
Categories: Drama

A contemporary dramatic take on a 4,000-year-old Sanskrit epic that is foundational to Indian culture. 

Why Not Theatre’s large-scale, once-in-a-generation retelling of Mahabharata brings together ...

Theatre of the Unimpressed

How dull plays are killing theatre and what we can do about it.

Had I become disenchanted with the form I had once fallen so madly in love with as a pubescent, pimple-faced suburban homo with braces? ...

Social Acupuncture

By Darren O'Donnell
Categories: Drama

Theatre doesn’t have much relevance anymore. Or so acclaimed playwright Darren O’Donnell tells us. The dynamics of unplanned social interaction, he says, are far more compelling than any play he could ...