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The Refrigerator Memory

The Refrigerator Memory

By Shannon Bramer
Categories: Poetry
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770561908, 88 pages, March 2005
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770561892, 88 pages, March 2005
Paperback : 9781552451540, 88 pages, March 2005
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The Refrigerator Memory is an exuberant, strangely funny celebration of sadness.

With fable-like miniature stories and short lyric poems, Shannon Bramer creates a world littered with stolen pears and prosthetic arms and inhabited by Kindness scientists and hot-air-balloon operators. The poems invoke a world of childhood delights and demons in the context of grown-up fears and appetites: heartbreak, loss, jealousy and old-fashioned sibling rivalry. You’ll find the hopelessly misunderstood Love the Clown (never goes out without his red wig) and Noni, a forlorn young man who can’t stop crying.

But while sadness plays a starring role, the true hero of the collection is the imagination; its transformative powers warm widows and drunken gods and designated mourners.

You won’t forget The Refrigerator Memory: the icebox cometh to warm your heart.

‘Bramer’s “Our Prosthesis�* … [is] wonderfully succinct, while still managing to convey entire lives floating beneath its surface.’ – Lee Gowan

‘[Bramer writes] poems with resonant grief, fragile glass and desperate love, carved carefully and spare out of cold, dark objects, achieving small, remarkable poems.’ – rob mclennan