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The World Is a Heartbreaker

The World Is a Heartbreaker

By Sherwin Tjia
Categories: Poetry
Paperback : 9781552451533, 176 pages, March 2005
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The World Is a Heartbreaker inaugurates a new subgenre: imposter poetry. This collection is a set of 1600 pseudohaikus, bite-sized chunks of poetic goodness shotgunned at the distracted masses.

What’s a pseudohaiku? It’s the poetry of pure indulgence, a three-liner without the constraint, the pretension or the 5–7–5 syllable form. The subject matter? Relationships, cats, insecurities – themes recur and build into a kind of non-linear narrative.

These micropoems are easily digestible yet remarkably acute, a catalogue of scattered thoughts and pointed observations that go down like potato chips – betcha can’t read just one.

Sometimes sexy, sometimes scandalous, sometimes sentimental, but always three lines long, these pseudohaikus are the future of poetry in a world awash with sound bites, news clips, catchphrases. There are no pleasures like the guilty ones.

About Tjia’s earlier books:

Gentle Fictions is a tender, playful and inspiring poetry collection … Tjia’s poems are often silly, cute and irreverent, but artfully so. ’


‘[Pedigree Girls] is hilarious. It’s also filled with raw, biting social criticism. [It’s] the weirdest comix you’ll read all year … discover the seductiveness of nihilism by way of an author with a sharp sense of humour. ’