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Coach House in May 1968.

A Note from Coach House Books

Practice social distancing: use the code "STAYHOME" for 25% off all titles

By Coach House Date: March 17, 2020

These are tough times. We’re proud of you all for staying home. And now that you’ve stocked up on toilet paper, we don’t want you to feel that other kind of paper-based anxiety: worrying about running out of books to read.

To ease your anxiety, and to encourage you to keep literature circulating even when viruses shouldn’t, we’re having a sale. Use the code "STAYHOME" to receive 25% off all of our titles. That’s right, ALL of our titles – print, ebook, and audio.

The office is closed, but we’ll still be shipping books. And we’re all checking email, so feel free to reach out to us individually or at

All orders will go out as soon as possible and we will answer all of your questions or concerns.

Or please consider buying from your local independent book store if they are delivering. In Toronto, Type Books and Queen Books will deliver to your front door. And a nice alternative to Amazon is, which gives back to indie bookstores – give them a try!

Stay safe and healthy, good readers!


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