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Maggie Huculak

Maggie Huculak has performed on Canadian stages for forty years. Cherished artistic collaborations include Necessary Angel (with Canadian writers Michael Ondaatje, Colleen Murphy, and John Mighton, and directors Richard Rose and Daniel Brooks), the late great Theatre Columbus (Martha Ross/Leah Cherniak), Soulpepper Theatre, Globe Theatre, and Quote Unquote Collective. She’s premiered scores of Canadian writers’ plays, and is the co-author of five collective creations: Mein, Hysterica, The Betrayal, Lonely Nights and Other Stories, and Now You See Her. She has worked extensively in film, television, and radio, and was the sole narrator of the epic CBC documentary series Canada: A People’s History. Maggie is a six-time Dora Award nominee, and is the recipient of a Dora Award and a Chalmers Award.

Books By Maggie Huculak