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By RM Vaughan
Categories: Poetry
Paperback : 9781552451984, 80 pages, April 2008
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People fall in love with their therapists all the time. It's called transference.

Troubled is brutally honest and erotically frank, a no-holds-barred confession of a patient/psychiatrist relationship gone horribly wrong. With his signature mix of scathing self-analysis and volatile wordplay, RM Vaughan brazenly documents how an innocent flirtation with his therapist escalated into a dangerous sexual misadventure. When the clandestine relationship goes awry, the consequences are heart-rending and career-ending.

Based on circumstances that really happened to Vaughan and ended in legal proceedings and the suspension of the doctor's license, Troubled also includes documents from the investigation and legal cases interspersed amongst the poems. The therapist in question is currently practicing medicine again in British Columbia.

Troubled is at once a disturbing Elizabeth Smart–like memoir charting the turns and culs-de-sac of an infatuation and an artful literary revenge. It’s risky as Baked Alaska. What would it be like if all abused patients were endowed with such talent and courage?’ – Don McKay

‘A book by RM Vaughan is worth two by, say, most anyone else.’

Eye Weekly