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Tell It Slant

Tell It Slant

By Beth Follett
Categories: Fiction
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770562233, 160 pages, June 2001
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770562226, 160 pages, June 2001
Paperback : 9781552450819, 160 pages, June 2001
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Tell It Slant is a bold, luscious first novel by Beth Follett, publisher of one of Canada's most exciting and respected small presses, Pedlar Press.

Out of the pages of Djuna Barnes's Nightwood and into a blustery Montreal weekend steps a modern-day Nora Flood, plundering vivid memories across three Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal – to uncover the roots of a sexual obsession that has her trapped in its sterile heart.

But through the magical interventions of her literary creator, Djuna Barnes, this Nora begins to undress her romantic illusions, so that her obsession begins to expand, deepen and open out, pointing to a life she might claim as her own.

With language that is lush and startling and a shape that is disjointed and elliptical, Tell It Slant is a brave and beautiful book.