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By Amy Nostbakken, & Norah Sadava
Introduction by Michele Landsberg
Categories: Drama
Paperback : 9781552453681, 104 pages, October 2017

Mouthpiece is anexploration of contemporary feminism:following one woman, for one day,as she tries to find her voice.Winner of the 2017 Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Best New Canadian PlayWinner of three Dora Mavor Moore AwardsStage Award for Best Performance, 2017 Edinburgh Festival FringeMouthpiece follows one woman, for one day, as she tries to find her voice. Two performers express the inner conflict that exists within a modern woman's head: the push and pull, the past and the present, the progress and the regression. Interweaving a cappella harmony, dissonance, text, and physicality, Mouthpiece is a harrowing, humorous, and heart-wrenching journey into the female psyche.


When we first saw Norah and Amy's breathtaking performance we were speechless. Mouthpiece touches on every part of the female experience from birth to death using dance, music, and wicked humour with just a bathtub for scenery. The result is a new kind of feminist language which ignites pure, intravenous emotion. It's impossible to describe and truly unforgettable.'- Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison'It's an engrossing and virtuosic performance, layered with meaning and culminating in a silent scream that any woke person - male, female, or undefined by arbitrary binaries - will recognize from their own confused, complicated, and conflicting mind.'- The Toronto Star'A smart show, beautifully put together and performed, and one that speaks up for all women who daily bite their tongues.'- The Guardian