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Mission Creep

Mission Creep

By Joshua Trotter
Categories: Poetry
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770564282, 104 pages, October 2015
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770564299, 104 pages, October 2015
Paperback : 9781552453193, 104 pages, October 2015
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A spun radio dial passing clean through poetry. A stuttering loop of Endgame recorded by Stockhausen, remixed by Kraftwerk. The chatter of minotaurs and metadata. Transmissions from far-off futures or new pasts, recordings from a recoded present topped off with a cherry. Evel Knievel, above it all, mysterious, forever taciturn. Mission Creep comes on with the inferno of apocalyptic prophecy and melts on your tongue like the last snowflake of a nuclear winter.

Praise for Joshua Trotter:

'Joshua Trotter’s long-awaited debut is here, and it’s every bit as good as we’d hoped. His poems have the one maker’s mark of authenticity that absolutely cannot be faked: a fresh style that holds novelty and tradition in creative tension. . .. By turns funny and terrifying, airy and claustrophobic, non-representational and razor-sharp, Trotter is stock to buy early and hold. '
National Post (on All This Could Be Yours)

'A miracle of meter and meteorology'
– Poetry Foundation (on All This Could Be Yours)