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Life Without Death - The Cinema of Frank Cole

Life Without Death

The Cinema of Frank Cole

Edited by Mike Hoolboom & Tom McSorley
Categories: Performing Arts
Paperback : 9780919096431, 220 pages, May 2009
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His picture can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records, an award Cole was granted after crossing the Sahara desert on a camel. When he was murdered by thieves in Mali during his final crossing in 2000, it took months to positively identify the body, and the killers were never found. Why did he choose to go so far and endure such hardships? That question, addressed through years of training and discipline has led to a singularly luminous oeuvre of films that have spread the name of Frank Cole across the cinematic landscape. is volume collects voices near and far offering multiple vantages to the rigorous enigma of Frank Cole. There are recollections from his diplomat father, and best friend travel author Richard Taylor. Inspired by Frank's journey, Belgian journalist and filmmaker Ben Vandoorne set off to the Sahara to make his own award?winning movie Incha Allah and he writes about Cole as his ghost companion. The director of Switzerland's seminal Visions du Reel documentary festival weighs in, as well as key French avant?garde theorist, Yann Beauvais. Best selling author Geoff Pevere, multiple?Genie Prize winner John Greyson, Dutch filmmaker Fred Pelon, video legend Steve Reinke, Whitney Biennial fave Julie Murray also offer their thoughts. Each of Cole's movies were lavishly documented, and the book will draw heavily on this photographic archive, reproducing stunning desert vistas and personal encounters in both colour and black and white. The book will also contain Korbett Mathews' award?winning documentary The Man Who Crossed the Sahara, an hour long DVD featuring clips and interviews with those who knew him best.