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Lances All Alike

Lances All Alike

By Suzanne Zelazo
Categories: Poetry
Paperback : 9781552453629, 88 pages, April 2018
Expected to ship: 2018-04-10

Two of the twentieth century's greatest art provocateurs, avant-gardists, and bohemians finally connect in the poetry of Suzanne Zelazo.

Modernist poet-painters Mina Loy and Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven had many friends in common (including Djuna Barnes and Marcel Duchamp), yet there is no record that the two ever befriended one another. Their non-relationship presents a curious "absent presence" in modernist history. Zelazo weaves lines of poetry by both women into an imaginary conversation, exploring the way their work has been suppressed, stitched, spliced, and edited by male editors and arbiters of taste.


'Zelazo's [poems are] cerebrally orgasmic, icily erotic – [her] tone, like Virginia Woolf's, is highly introspective, yet reverberates with an urgency that assures readers they are most welcome intruders, resulting in a somber and precise, coolly impassioned orchestration.' – Vallum

'To read Lances All Alike is to be received into an erotics of blissful affinities, a recombinative modern party. Zelazo’s speculative sutures are no “husband stitch”, her seams blaze with the vitality of female friendship, desire, and intellectual joy. Here we are invited to “tongue touch/—whirlpool on eardrum—“. This is a work to be savoured.' – Liz Howard, author of Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent

'The most interesting books are sui generis – unclassifiable and uncategorizable. Books that have ineffable qualities, that aspire to something that even a poet’s voice should not be capable of – like birdsong. Books that are what they are even if we can’t say what they are – books that are creaturely, and have haecceity. In Lances All Alike, Suzanne Zelazo has produced an irresistibly charismatic perplexion. She has given broken voices a body. And what an astonishing body it is. The result is both whole and shattering.' – Roger Conover, editor of The Lost Lunar Baedeker: The Poems of Mina Loy