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Hello Serotonin

Hello Serotonin

By Jon Paul Fiorentino
Categories: Poetry
Paperback : 9781552451366, 96 pages, April 2004
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Contemporary Canadian poetry got you down? Well, we'd like to prescribe a little Hello Serotonin, the latest in mood-enhancing poetry anti-depressants.

This new book of poems from Jon Paul Fiorentino operates within the constraints of what he terms 'synaptic syntax' - poetry that performs the very nature of neuronal activity from the point of view of a mood-enhanced Human Comedy, which, with a quick turn of phrase, or missing neurotransmitter, could become Human Tragedy.

These poems are unsettlingly lyrical. In them you will find echoes of 20th-century confessionalism, but they are echoes only. Fiorentino does not confess so much as he expresses the somewhat embarrassing desire to confess without completely exposing himself. Often frenetic and linguistically jarring, these poems will very gently put you on edge and pull you free of the doldrums.

Filled with a witty, self-deprecating and often Andy Kaufmanesque sense of humour, Hello Serotonin is today's generation of pharmaceutical poetry, and will alter your perception of therapeutic poetics. Get your prescription filled today!