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Fault Lines - Three Plays: Greenland - Iceland - Faroe Islands

Fault Lines

Three Plays: Greenland - Iceland - Faroe Islands

By Nicolas Billon
Categories: Drama
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770563483, 96 pages, March 2013
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770563490, 96 pages, March 2013
Paperback : 9781552452769, 96 pages, March 2013

Winner of the 2013 Governor General's Literary Award for Drama

In Greenland, the discovery of a new island off the nation's coast mirrors a growing rift between the island’s discoverer and his family.

In Iceland, set against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn.

A young woman's idealism is challenged by the infamous whale hunt in Faroe Islands.

Nicolas Billon's critically acclaimed trilogy asks the audience to consider the values that guide human relations. As the characters confront us with their stories – at times confession, at times diatribe – we are forced to reckon with their yearning to belong to something larger than themselves. A striking new voice that can be described as a hybrid of Wallace Shawn and Neil Labute, Fault Lines showcases the wit and dark humour of its author, and offers a compelling exploration of relationships and the challenges of connecting to others in a meaningful way.


'Iceland is a beautifully structured and extremely powerful play that haunts the mind. Billon is an original and exciting voice.'—Atom Egoyan

'Billon is a masterful storyteller, drawing us into his characters' lives via richly detailed monologues, full of haunting imagery that echoes throughout the play.'

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