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By Nancy Shaw & Catriona Strang
Categories: Poetry
Paperback : 9781552450796, 112 pages, April 2001
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Busted is a poetic inspection into the rhetoric of things: governance, nation, hockey, language and liberty. A book of poems about the social forces that control us, and the way that we relate to those forces, and to each other. Through manifestos, fragments, lists, and other forms, this book examines the ways in which we knuckle under to the Powers that Be and the strategies that we develop to evade them. Razing the frames that still the possibilities of reason, nations, identity, morality and justice, it records, fragments and rails against the flaccid generic.

This collaboration between two excellent, innovative writers is a kind of collage that examines the role that language plays in establishing relationships between ourselves and the institutions we create to govern us. A dazzling and revolutionary work that demands we never stop singing for liberty.