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Staff Recommendations for National Poetry Month!

Staff Recommendations for National Poetry Month!

James, Lindsay, Phil, Sasha and Vee from the Coach House Books team have some poetry recommendations to help you celebrate National Poetry Month!

By Coach House Date: April 12, 2023

We love every single one of the 174 poetry books we've got available, but here are a few recommendations if you're looking to pick up some poetry this month!



 Common Place by Sarah Pinder

"Common Place by Sarah Pinder is one of the few collections I've read that looks at labour. These considerate poems mine territory many writers ignore, the humdrum of the day to day and why it's meaningful."
– James Lindsay, Publicist






 Test Piece by Sheryda Warrener

"Test Piece is a beautiful poetry collection exploring themes of not knowing/not seeing with the help of collage art. Both the images and words are stunning."
– Lindsay Yates, Marketing & Metadata Coordinator






 The Animal in the Room by Meghan Kemp-Gee (forthcoming 05/23/2023)

"The Animal in the Room conjures up many a vivid image and splendid turns of phrase. Plenty of dry humour too!"
–Phil Bardach, Inventory Assistant






 All Day I Dream About Sirens by Domenica Martinello

"I love All Day I Dream About Sirens, Domenica Martinello’s irreverent feminist reclamation of everything from Starbucks, to James Joyce, Game of Thrones to Greek mythology."
– Sasha Tate-Howarth, Operations Coordinator






 Word Problems by Ian Williams

"Ian Williams is a master at turning language into a vibrant and engaging playground. Using deceptively simple grade school word problems, he pushes us to confront the harsh realities of social and racial inequality, all done with remarkable empathy, wit, and compassion."
– Vee Quach, Editorial Intern