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Halloween Cultural Digest

Halloween Cultural Digest

The definitive guide to Halloween 2019

By Coach House Date: October 24, 2019

Too old to hit the streets this halloween? Not into reverse trick or treating?

Not to worry, we've prepared a definitive guide to a Coach House halloween to help you plan a perfectly creepy evening.

Step one: To help set the mood, put on a little music. We've prepared a YouTube playlist to help you out. Follow the link to get your fix of the gloomy, doomed, and creepy sounds of our Cursed Playlist.

Step two: Run yourself a warm (blood) bath.

Step three: Relax with one of these haunted books:

Demons too strong to sit down with a book, like a mere mortal? The Coach House ghouls recommend the following movies and tv shows (demon approved):

If all else fails, put on a wig and eat some wine gums! Happy Hallowe'en month to all beasts and beauties!