Congratulations, Jocelyne and Rhonda!

Coach House Books is thrilled to announce that And the Birds Rained Down by Jocelyne Saucier (translated by Rhonda Mullins) will be championed by Martha Wainwright (!) in this year's Canada Reads competition. The announcement was made this morning on CBC's Radio Q (listen to the full audio​).

Did you get a new ereading device over the holidays? Seems like almost everyone we know did! Ergo, we've decided to have an ebook sale that will help you fill up your ereader (whether it be brand, spankin' new or lovingly covered with old flecks of food from years of use).

Congratulations, Margaret Christakos (Multitudes), David O'Meara (A Pretty Sight) and David Seymour (For Display Purposes Only)! Our amazing three poets have all been nominated for a ReLit Award in the category of Poetry.

Coffee Room

We're pleased to share this spellbinding Janey's Arcadia film with you, directed by author Rachel Zolf.

Edited by Aleesa Cohene with sound design and composition by Radiodress, the film superimposes National Film Board scenes of colonial life with Rachel's reading of three of her poems, "Janey's Hospitality," "Janey Settler's Pastoral Oasis," and "Face to Face." A detailed description of the film follows:

Now available: our new catalogue, featuring nine titles taking flight Spring 2015, and cover art by Fiona Smyth.


Join us at Revue Cinema on January 25th when special guest Geoff Pevere will be interviewed by Richard Crouse as they discuss what many consider to be the most impactful music documentary ever produced, Gimme Shelter. Geoff and Richard, long-time friends and television co-hosts, will discuss the history of rock music as a visual medium and Gimme Shelter's role in that history.