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By Simina Banu
Categories: Poetry

"Moving through a variety of poem-structures, including more traditional lyric structures, prose poems, drawings and visual poems, Banu becomes the explorer, fearlessly pushing out into the unknown. " ...

The Pine Islands

By Marion Poschmann
Translated by Jen Calleja
Categories: Fiction



"Readers who like quiet, meditative works will enjoy this strangely affecting buddy story. " —Publishers Weekly

"Rather ...

The Eyelid

By S.D. Chrostowska
Categories: Fiction

"Always provocative, Chrostowska investigates the notion that dreaming itself can be a subversive act. " —Steven W. Beattie, Quill & Quire

In Greater America, with sleep under siege, this lucid and prophetic ...

The Tower

By Paul Legault
Categories: Poetry

"If you've never cared about poetry, you will after reading these modern-day renderings. .." —Maria-Claire

W. B. Yeats meets Gregg Araki at a gay bar.

The Tower is a "translation" of W. B. Yeats's The ...

Any Night of the Week

“Jonny Dovercourt reminds us that the vibrant club scene we take for granted these days has always existed, and that those who once served - not just the groups, but the promoters, deejays, zinesters ...


"Leduc persuasively illustrates the power of stories to affect reality in this painstakingly researched and provocative study that invites us to consider our favorite folktales from another angle. " — ...

The Baudelaire Fractal

By Lisa Robertson
Categories: Fiction

One morning, Hazel Brown awakes in a badly decorated hotel room to find that she’s written the complete works of Charles Baudelaire. In her bemusement the hotel becomes every cheap room she ever stayed ...


By Andrew Zawacki
Categories: Poetry

In his fifth poetry volume, American poet Andrew Zawacki expands his inquiry into the possibilities and dangers of a ‘global pastoral,’ exploring geographies alternately enhanced and flattened out ...

Paper Houses

By Dominique Fortier
Translated by Rhonda Mullins
Categories: Fiction

Emily Dickinson is as famous for being a recluse as she is for her poetry. In this stunning novel, we see her struggling to reconcile spirit and flesh, preferring letters and reflecting that the only ...


By Gail Scott
Categories: Fiction

In a bathtub in a rooming house in Montreal in 1980, a woman tries to imagine a new life for herself: a life after a passionate affair with a man while falling for a woman, a life that makes sense after ...