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Jonny Dovercourt

Jonny Dovercourt was born Jonathan Bunce in Scarborough, Ontario. He is currently co-artistic director of the Music Gallery in Toronto. He co-founded the Wavelength music series and zine, and has written ...

Wayne Reeves

Wayne Reeves is a Project Officer with the City of Toronto's Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division, where he works on waterfront revitalization and sustainable parks.

Jay MillAr

Jay MillAr is a poet, publisher and bookseller. He is the proprietor of BookThug Press and the author of many privately published editions. His full-length books include The Ghosts of Jay MillAr (2000, ...

Maggie Helwig

Maggie Helwig has published six books of poetry (most recently, One Building in the Earth ), two books of essays, a collection of short stories and two previous novels, Where She Was Standing and Between ...

Sean Dixon

Sean Dixon is a playwright, novelist and actor. He co-founded the influential Winnipeg theatre collective primus, providing the narratives for their performances Dog Day, Alkoremmi and The Night Room. ...

Michael Redhill

Michael Redhill is the publisher and one of the editors of Brick, a journal of things literary. His most recent books are Fidelity, a collection of short fiction; Martin Sloane, a novel that was nominated ...

Cover to Cover

By Coach House July 01, 2016

Although screenshots of Google’s autocomplete search suggestions are posted across the web as hilarious glimpses of the curiosities of the digital masses (or sometimes just as found poetry), the results of these searches aren’t the same for every user.

Finding our Orgasms

By Coach House June 01, 2016

‘Well you see like a woman has a few things going for her, not very many but she has a few things going for her and one of them is uh, dare I mention it, a clit-clitoris and uh, whooo, a clitoris, yes.’

Jen Currin

Jen Currin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and did her schooling at Bard College, Arizona State University and Simon Fraser University. She has published three collections of poetry, The Sleep ...