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On Creating Collaboration through Collage

By Coach House March 08, 2018


Susannah Smith

Susannah M. Smith’s short fiction and poetry have appeared in various literary magazines, including dANDelion, Event, Fireweed and The Antigonish Review. She is also a contributor to First Writes (Banff ...


By Jordan Tannahill
Categories: Drama

This is a paper cut. This is Greta Garbo. This is the smell of Windex. Declarations, by acclaimed playwright Jordan Tannahill, is an ode to mortality -- that of the playwright’s mother, his own, humankind’s ...

Sunday Poetry from Jordan Scott

By Coach House June 18, 2018 Tags: Sunday Poetry, Jordan Scott



Night Became Years

By Jason Stefanik
Categories: Poetry

Poems about alchemy, love, Protestant witch judges, Indigenous identity, the cultural abutments of the inner city, football taunts, border ballads, and half­breed wailing. Night Became Years is poetry ...

Little Beast

By Julie Demers
Translated by Rhonda Mullins
Categories: Fiction

It’s 1944, and a little village in rural Quebec sits quietly beside an aging mountain and an angry river. The air tastes of kelp, and the wind keeps knocking over the cross. Beside that river an eleven-year-old ...

Rage Against the Latrine

By Lezlie Lowe September 10, 2018

Sunday Poetry by Shane Rhodes

By Coach House January 06, 2018 Tags: Sunday Poetry