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On Creating Collaboration through Collage

By Coach House March 08, 2018


Susannah Smith

Susannah M. Smith’s short fiction and poetry have appeared in various literary magazines, including dANDelion, Event, Fireweed and The Antigonish Review. She is also a contributor to First Writes (Banff ...

No Place To Go

This book is Number One in addressing the politics of where we're allowed to 'go' in public.

Adults don't talk about the business of doing our business. We work on one assumption: the world of public bathrooms ...


By Howard Akler
Categories: Fiction

A bookseller's love affair, start to finish, against the backdrop of a city in protest.It's 1971. Hal Sachs runs a used bookstore. Business isn't so great, and the store is in a part of Toronto that's ...

Queen Solomon

By Tamara Faith Berger
Categories: Fiction

The erotic awakening and mental disintegration of an intense young man who leaves home and enters the phantasm of Israel.It's just another boring summer for our teenaged narrator - until Barbra arrives. ...

Tess Liem

Tess Liem lives in Montreal, or Tiotia:ke, the traditional territory of the Kanien'keh&?aacute;:ka people. Her first chapbook, Tell everybody I say hi, was published by Anstruther Press in February 2017. ...

Midday at the Super-Kamiokande

By Matthew Tierney
Categories: Poetry

These poems are HAL 9000 voiced by Kay Ryan, a Voight-Kampff test administered by Rae Armantrout.Midday at the Super-Kamiokande draws on physics' Standard Model and Plato's Eternal Forms, Kant's transcendentalism ...

Lances All Alike

By Suzanne Zelazo
Categories: Poetry

Modernist poet-painters Mina Loy and Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven had many friends in common (including Djuna Barnes and Marcel Duchamp), yet there is no record that the two ever met. Their non-relationship ...

Night Became Years

By Jason Stefanik
Categories: Poetry

Poems about alchemy, love, Protestant witch judges, Indigenous identity, the cultural abutments of the inner city, football taunts, border ballads, and half­breed wailing. Night Became Years is poetry ...


By Adam Dickinson
Categories: Poetry

The poems of Anatomic have emerged from biomonitoring and microbiome testing on the author's body to examine the way the outside writes the inside, whether we like it or not. Adam Dickinson drew blood, ...