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Tim McCaskill

Tim McCaskell is a long-time gay activist. He worked on The Body Politic, Canada's first national Lesbian and Gay Liberation magazine, and has written two books: Race To Equity and Queer Progress: From ...

Amy Nostbakken

Amy Nostbakken is co-artistic director of Quote Unquote Collective and a core member of Theatre Ad infinitum UK.

Norah Sadava

Co-artistic director of Quote Unquote Collective, Norah Sadava is an award-winning Toronto-based performer and playwright with a background in devised physical theatre.


By Amy Nostbakken, & Norah Sadava
Introduction by Michele Landsberg
Categories: Drama

Mouthpiece is an exploration of contemporary feminism: following one woman, for one day, as she tries to find her voice. 

Winner of the 2017 Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Best New Canadian Play
Winner ...

Inside Incarnations

By Coach House December 02, 2017

The Embalmer

By Anne-Renee Caille
Translated by Rhonda Mullins
Categories: Fiction

A small-town embalmer's daughter lifts the shroud on the fascinating minutiae of dealing with the dead. Imagine rubbing shoulders with the dead for most of your life. As she picks the brain of her father ...

Nights on Prose Mountain

By bp Nichol
Edited by derek beaulieu
Categories: Fiction

The long-lost fiction of avant-garde hero bpNichol collected into one groundbreaking volume. Nights on Prose Mountain gathers all of beloved writer bpNichol's published fiction. Originally appearing between ...