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The Dusty Bookshelf, August 2019

By Coach House July 25, 2019

A Season of Success

By Coach House October 03, 2019

We're Hiring!

By Coach House October 08, 2019



Inside the Pleasure Dome

By Mike Hoolboom
With Atom Egoyan
Introduction by Atom Egoyan
Categories: Performing Arts


Everybody loves the movies. But a movie about the colour blue, or an isolated mountain range, or a man grown so thin the world floats through his perfect transparency? 'You know what would be really ...

Halloween Cultural Digest

By Coach House October 24, 2019

Have a Very Coach House Holidays

By Coach House December 10, 2019

Submit to Watch Your Head!

By Coach House January 16, 2020

Revisiting Amphibian

By Coach House January 21, 2020

A Note from Coach House Books

By Coach House March 17, 2020

Sunday Poetry with Jonathan Ball

By Coach House April 03, 2020 Tags: Sunday Poetry