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By Coach House December 04, 2017

Holly Martelle

Holly Martelle founded Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc., which was honoured with the Ontario Archaeological Society’s award for Excellence in Cultural Resource Management in 2013. She lives ...

Rebecca Tucker

Rebecca Tucker ?is a Toronto-based writer, editor, and journalist, whose work has covered food, travel, arts, and culture. Her writing has appeared in the National Post and Globe and Mail, as well as ...

A Matter of Taste

How farmer's markets and organic produce became synonymous with 'good food' and why they shouldn't be. How did farmer's markets, nose­to­tail, locavorism, organic eating, CSAs, whole foods, and Whole ...

Aaron Tucker

Aaron Tucker is the author of two collections of poetry, irresponsible mediums: the chesspoems of Marcel Duchamp and punchlines, as well as the two scholarly manuscripts Virtual Weaponry: The Militarized ...

Julie Demers

Julie Demers lives in Montreal. This is her first novel.

Adam Dickinson

Adam Dickinson?s poetry has appeared in literary journals and anthologies in Canada and internationally. He has published three books of poetry. His most recent book, The Polymers, was a finalist for ...

David Turgeon

David Turgeon is the author of four novels. He has also published several graphic novels, including La muse récursive and Les pieces détachees with Vincent Giard. He has written a collection of essays ...

The Supreme Orchestra

By David Turgeon
Translated by Pablo Strauss
Categories: Fiction

A motley crew of characters deftly woven into a brilliant mashup of the spy novel and the art-world parody. We know how Simone met the man who will become, for a time, her fourth husband. We know what ...

Anne-Renee Caille

Anne-Reneé Caillé lives in Montreal. This is her first novel.