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Reel Asian - Asian Canada on Screen

Reel Asian

Asian Canada on Screen

By Elaine Chang
Edited by Elaine Chang
Categories: Performing Arts
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770561878, 250 pages, November 2007
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770561861, 352 pages, November 2007
Paperback : 9781552451922, 352 pages, November 2007

Table of contents

Introduction: Hyphe-nation; Or, 'Screening Asian Canada' - Elaine Chang

Overview: Looking back and looking forward - Richard Fung

Tracking shots: Mapping the Asian Canadian filmscape - Alice Shih

Eating Chinese - Cheuk Kwan and Lily Cho

Rice Bowl Diaries - Kwoi Gin

F-words - Ann Marie Fleming and Mina Shum

Memory, again - Khanhthuan Tran, Pamila Matharu and Elaine Chang

Vancouver asian: West Coast film cultures, on the rim and at the end of the line

The King of Main: Unplugged - Paul Wong and Christine Miguel

'Let your fingers do the walking': Rereading Ho Tam's The Yellow Pages - Ho Tam and Alice Ming Wai Jim

Men and monsters - David Eng and Leon Aureus

Albertasia: Asian Canadian films on the Prairies - Mieko Ouchi

home misses you - Nobu Adilman and Romeo Candido

Searching for the White-Haired Girl - Karin Lee and Loretta Todd

Letters from Seoul - Helen Lee and Mike Hoolboom

Adventures in celluloid gold mountain - Keith Lock

Queer Hongcouver and other fictions - Wayne Yung and Nguyen Tan Hoang

Black magic Buddhism - Julia Kwan and Iris Yudai

Cinematic imaginings of the Japanese Canadian internment - Monika Kin Gagnon

Chinatown tomb raider: Reflections on Kung Fu Fridays - Colin Geddes, Jason Anderson and Phil Tsui

Lan Chinoise; Or, 'The Other' - Mary Stephen

Reel Asian, then and now - Anita Lee and Cameron Bailey

Snapshots - Nicole Chung


Founded in 1997 by producer Anita Lee and journalist Andrew Sun, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival is a unique showcase of contemporary Asian cinema and work from the Asian diaspora. The festival fosters the exchange of cultural and artistic ideals between East and West, provides a public forum for homegrown Asian media artists and their work and fuels the growing appreciation for Asian cinema in Canada.

In Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen, contributors, many of them filmmakers, examine East and Southeast Asian Canadian contributions to independent film and video. From artist-run centres, theories of hyphenation, distribution networks and gay and lesbian cinema to F-words, new media technologies and sweet n' sour controversies, Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen presents a multi-faceted picture of independent Asian film in Canada. The collection highlights the screen as a site for the reflection, projection and reimagination of identities and communities, and explores the idea that ‘Asian Canada’ is less a demographic category than it is a term of art.

Reel Asian brings together creators of award-winning features and acclaimed experimental shorts; critics, curators, artists and activists; enemy aliens, impersonators, ex-pats and 'Food Jammers' to explore how history and culture have played out onscreen. Whether calling geopolitical and generic categories into question or finding new ways of unleashing the magic of the cinematic image, the anthology showcases the ways in which Asian Canadians are making their distinctive mark on screens from the multiplex to the iPod, across Canada and beyond.

Co-published with the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, this is the first anthology of its kind, and includes a substantial selection of images and stills, as well as a resources section providing detailed artist and distribution information.

Contributors include Nobu Adilman, Jason Anderson, Leon Aureus, Cameron Bailey, Romeo Candido, Lily Cho, Nicole Chung, David Eng, Ann Marie Fleming, Richard Fung, Monika Kin Gagnon, Colin Geddes, Kwoi Gin, Mike Hoolboom, Alice Ming Wai Jim, Cheuk Kwan, Julia Kwan, Anita Lee, Helen Lee, Karin Lee, Keith Lock, Pamila Matharu, Christine Miguel, Tan Hoang Nguyen, Midi Onodera, Mieko Ouchi, Alice Shih, Mina Shum, Mary Stephen, Ho Tam, Loretta Todd, Khanhthuan Tran, Phil Tsui, Paul Wong, Su-Anne Yeo, Iris Yudai and Wayne Yung.

‘[The Reel Asian Festival] strikes the best balance between cutting edge and community. Strong programming and deep roots attract a super-hyphenated tribe. ’ – NOW Magazine