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Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Crawley Hall

Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Crawley Hall

By Suzette Mayr
Categories: Fiction
Paperback : 9781552453490, 224 pages, April 2017
Ebook (EPUB) : 9781770565043, 250 pages, April 2017
Ebook (PDF) : 9781770565050, 250 pages, April 2017
Ebook (MobiPocket) : 9781770565067, 250 pages, April 2017
Audiobook : 9781770565975, September 2018

Dr. Edith Vane, scholar of English literature, is contentedly ensconced at the University of Inivea. Her dissertation on African-Canadian pioneer housewife memoirist Beulah Crump-Withers is about to be published, and her job’s finally safe, if she only can fill out her AAO properly. She’s a little anxious, but a new floral blouse and her therapist's repeated assurance that she is the architect of her own life should fix that. All should be well, really. Except for her broken washing machine, her fickle new girlfriend, her missing friend Coral, her backstabbing fellow professors, a cutthroat new dean – and the fact that the sentient and malevolent Crawley Hall has decided it wants them all out, and the hall and its hellish hares will stop at nothing to get rid of them.

Like an unholy collision of Stoner, The Haunting of Hill House, Charlie Brown, and Alice in Wonderland, this audacious new novel by the Giller Prize–longlisted Suzette Mayr is a satire that takes the hallowed halls of the campus novel in fantastical – and unsettling – directions.

‘An enjoyably funny, manic, queer, and hallucinatory farce, the novel also acts as a kind of poison pen letter about the contemporary ivory tower.’
Toronto Star

‘A genre pastiche, this novel is at once a humane character study, a biting academic satire, and a gothic fantasia. Those familiar with the inner-workings of academia will find great poignancy in this novel … It’s difficult to sustain the kind of brutality this novel brings to the surface, yet the writing is capacious: it allows joy and dread to exist in equal measure. The reader roots for the protagonist, while being bewitched by her tormentors. And every time the reader needs a break from the constant apocalypse of the university, Mayr throws in a humorous, absurdist bone.’
– Lambda Literary

‘The momentum of this novel, which I read in two delightful days, comes from the pile-on of absurd tragedies – how could things get any worse? Suzette Mayr taking care to immediately answer the question. And yet it’s so funny, and the energy, and the satire of campus bureaucracy is so spot-on and delicious that I would never ever call this book that goes down-down-down anything like a downer. I loved it.’
– Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This 

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