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Darren O'Donnell on What Kids Bring to the Party

Darren O'Donnell on What Kids Bring to the Party

By Coach House Date: February 14, 2018

Instead of the played out ‘children are our future’ cliché in need of a permanent timeout, Darren O'Donnell's Haircuts By Children presents a radical possibility: include children in what are traditionally considered adult realms, and magic will happen. Basing his hypothesis after years working with kids in the cultural industries, O'Donnell wants to put youngsters at the boardroom table where their low tolerance for bullshit, and ingrained, unshakable empathy would topple the poorly constructed Lego tower that is capitalism.


We don't expect you to take our word for it just "because we said so," so here are 14 points from the mad hatter himself.

What Kids Bring to the Party

An incessant and cacophonous demand for fairness.

A  deafening and overpowering opposition to inequity.

An expertise at living in the moment and following impulses.

A visceral and physical inability to tolerate boredom.

An ineptitude with email threads that stretch on for day after day.

An ability to turn almost all urban architecture into a playground

An alarming, disarming and disturbing candour.

A deep enjoyment of farting and poop jokes.

A non ideological antipathy toward hierarchy.

A tacit prohibition against petty inter-adult conflicts and screaming matches.

An ability to inspire adults to not sweat the small stuff.

A disinterest in petty ideological differences and deadlocks.

A nonlinear and deeply experimental approach to mastering technology.

An ability to get into everything, their inquisitiveness propelling them, like clouds of curious gas, seeping into every corner, crevice, and crack; under every piece of furniture, into every closest and alley-way, forest, field and stream.


Haircuts by Children is available now