Mad Hope

ISBN-10: 1552452581
ISBN-13: 9781552452585
232 pp, Paperback
Apr 1 2012
$18.95 CAD
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In the stories of Mad Hope, Journey Prize winner Heather Birrell finds the heart of her characters and lets them lead us into worlds both recognizable and alarming. A science teacher and former doctor is forced to re-examine the role he played in Ceauşescu’s Romania after a student makes a shocking request; a tragic plane crash becomes the basis for a meditation on motherhood and its discontents; women in an online chat group share (and overshare) their anxieties and personal histories; and a chance encounter in a waiting room tests the ties that bind us. Using precise, inventive language, Birrell creates astute and empathetic portraits of people we thought we knew – and deftly captures the lovely, maddening mess of being human.

'This is a beautiful book: funny, whip-smart, compassionate, and gorgeously written. Heather Birrell belongs in the short story pantheon with Alice Munro, Lisa Moore, and Zsuzsi Gartner.' – Annabel Lyon

'If there is such thing as a CanLit cult classic, Birrell's Mad Hope is it, a book with a fervent following, a reference point for readers in the know: "Mad Hope." "Oh, yeah." … It's an absolutely stunning collection.' - The 49th Shelf

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