The State of the Arts (PDF ebook)

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ISBN-13: 9781770562134
352 pp, Digital PDF
Nov 15 2006
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Living with Culture in Toronto
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Freakier rich people. More suburban art. A venue for new music. Better staplers. An infrastructure for hip-hop. Laneway art. More wi-fi. A more understanding marriage between art and business. Affordable live-work spaces.

What would make Toronto a better place for the arts?

City Hall proclaimed 2006 the Year of Creativity. ‘Live With Culture’ banners flap over the city. And across the city, donors are ponying up millions for the ROM and the AGO. Culture’s never had it so good. Right?

The State of the Arts explores the Toronto culture scene from every angle, applauding, assailing and arguing about art in our fair burg. The essays consider the big-ticket and the ticket-free, from the CNE to unintentional art. In between, you'll find thoughts on the ’creative city’ and photobloggers, Toronto on film and the fine line between part and art. Taken together the thoughts of these writers, artists and city-builders create a snapshot of culture in T.O. as it grows from ’Toronto the Good’ to ’Toronto the Could’ to ’Toronto the Can-Do.’

Includes sixteen colour pages of eye-level Toronto, and cover art by Susan Szenes.

With essays by Sandra Alland, Jason Anderson, Anna Bowness, Stephen Cain, Kate Carraway, Hanna Cho, Brendan Cormier, Natalie De Vito, Liz Forsberg, Mark Fram, Marc Glassman, Katarina Gligorijevic-Collins, Brenda Goldstein, Amy Lavender Harris, Karen Hines, Sarah B. Hood, Christopher Hume, Sam Javanrouh, Dory Kornfeld, Adam Krawesky, More Or Les, John Lorinc, James MacNevin, Claudia McKoy, Brian McLachlan, Ryan McLaren, Shawn Micallef, Jill Murray, Matt O'Sullivan, Christopher Pandolfi, Michael Redhill, Dylan Reid, Damian Rogers, Stuart Ross, Lisa Rundle, Dana Samuel, Nadja Sayej, Susan Szenes, Kevin Temple, Pablo Torres, Gayla Trail, Rannie Turingan, Jason van Eyk, Adam Vaughan, RM Vaughan, Stéphanie Verge, Lisa Whittington-Hill and Carl Wilson.

Table of Contents


John Lorinc – 'The city as cultureshed'
RM Vaughan – 'Live Without Culture: An apology, on the occasion of a recent art project'
Christopher Hume – 'Toronto: The once and future city' Karen Hines – 'The Hard Loft'
Kate Carraway – 'The secret capitalist'
Dylan Reid – 'The challenges of the creative city'
Brian McLachlan – '$5'


Jason Anderson – 'The invisible city: What happens when Hollywood North plays itself?'
Kevin Temple – 'Toronto needs freakier rich people'
Damian Rogers – 'Breaking the mirror: How to look at fashion in Toronto'
Stephen Cain – 'Annexing a space for poetry in the new Toronto'
Lisa Rundle – 'Now the feminists will play with your mind'
Stéphanie Verge – 'All the world’s onstage: Toronto’s multiplicity of arts festivals'
Ryan McLaren – 'Connected: How Stille Post changed the Toronto indie-music scene'
Mark Fram – 'The cult[ure] of the architect, or, the Fountainhead effect'
Anna Bowness – 'Our hidden cameras: Photoblogging the city’s every move'
Amy Lavender Harris – 'Toronto’s Tower of Babel'
Nadja Sayej – 'Leaving their mark: Street art in Toronto'
James MacNevin – 'The Arts at the Ex: The history and potential of Exhibition Place'


More Or Les & Jill Murray – 'E = emcees2: Toronto rappers buddy up to solve the riddle of the missing infrastructure'
Lisa Whittington-Hill – 'Magnetic North: Toronto’s magazines come off the page'
Adam Vaughan – 'The root of the problem'
Sandra Alland – 'Was this book shade-grown? Towards fair-trade Toronto lit'
Brenda Goldstein & Dana Samuel – 'A future history of Toronto’s art cultures: A conversation'
Sarah B. Hood – 'Urban enchantment: What city-lovers can learn from theatre in public space'
Marc Glassman – 'Toronto video: Challenging forms, channelling change'
Katarina Gligorijevic-Collins – 'From idle to idol'
Stuart Ross – 'In the small-press village: New trends in adequate stapling'


Natalie de Vito – 'Mom, Dad, will you co-sign my mortgage? Creating a new home for Toronto’s small arts organizations'
Brendan Cormier, Christopher Pandolfi & Pablo Torres – 'Project Laneway'
Liz Forsberg – 'The family that rocks together stays together'
Hanna Cho & Dory Kornfeld – 'This is your city on technology'
Claudia McKoy – 'The Great Divide'
Jason van Eyk – 'From NuMuFest to Muziekgebouw: New music in Toronto'
Shawn Micallef – 'Artburbia?'
Michael Redhill – 'Toronto the dead: Imagining a lost city'
Carl Wilson – 'The party line: Toronto’s turn towards a participatory aesthetics'