A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People

ISBN-10: 1552452441
ISBN-13: 9781552452448
96 pp, Paperback
Apr 15 2011
$17.95 CAD
Note: This title is now also available as a digital eBook.

Winner of the A. M. Klein Award for Poetry


    They have day jobs
    just like you and me
    if we had jobs; and hairstyles like ours
    if only we could remove these helmets

People who rely on stereotypes are often vilified. But really, is there a better way to classify people? There are some taxonimical difficulties, though. Exactly how many types of people are there? What behaviours are characteristic of each particular group? How do you know if you’ve spotted an armchair psychologist or a kleptomaniac?

Gabe Foreman’s A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People is not your average reference book. It turns a series of sociological case studies into a functional encyclopedia that doubles as a unique, achingly funny, always engaging collection of poems. ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Day Traders,’ ‘Entomologists’ and ‘Number Crunchers’ are all dutifully catalogued in a series of luminously strange, compellingly original lyric and prose poems.

The resulting field guide to our disparate humanity is often absurd, sometimes sad and frequently a mix-ture of both, as each entry unravels according to its own spidery logic.

A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People is the private abecedary of a playful but serious imagination, a field guide to daydreams and frailties ... Make no mistake about it: We are in a golden age of Canadian poetry.’
– Michael Lista, National Post

‘This compendium of bipeds makes all others obsolete. A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People is full of eclectic wisdom, uncanny beasts and refracted truisms. Foreman’s cerebral sleights-of-hand are so electric, my mind wouldn’t close my eyes. It’s about time someone got “us” down for what we are.’ – Jeramy Dodds, author of Crabwise to the Hounds

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