Age of Arousal

ISBN-10: 1552451909
ISBN-13: 9781552451908
176 pp, Paperback
Nov 1 2007
$17.95 CAD
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Mary: Rhoda and I will now give a demonstration of our secret weapon in the battle for equal opportunity. Behold the Remingtons!
Alice: Remingtons! I have heard of them.
Monica: Machines for the future –
Virginia: Glorious, yet appalling. When I look at them I feel I am disappearing into thin air. Where is the beauty of the handwritten note which tells so much? The handwritten note is personal, physical, of the body, of mortal flesh –
Alice: Virginia. You are not quite yourself.
Mary: And, to show off, yes women may show off, we will perform blindfolded. Alice, may I have your scarf?

It’s a time of passion and confusion. Virtue is barely holding down its petticoats. People are bursting their corsets with unbridled desire. It’s 1885, and the typewriter and the suffrage movement are sending things topsy-turvy. In the midst of it all, five ambitious New Women and one Newish Man struggle to find their way. Miss Mary Barfoot runs a school for secretaries with her young lover, Miss Rhoda Nunn. But when the Misses Madden – spinsters Virginia and Alice and beautiful young Monica – arrive, along with the attractive Dr. Everard Barfoot, things can never be the same.

Age of Arousal is a lavish, sexy, frenetic ensemble piece about the forbidden and gloriously liberated self – genre-busting, rule-bending, and ambitiously original.

The book includes notes and a rousing, thoughtful essay on Victorian women’s suffrage by the playwright.

‘Endlessly witty, vigorous, funny... brilliantly inventive.’ – Calgary Herald

‘Griffiths is one of Canada’s 'originals' known not only for the quality of her work, but for the sheer range of her career.’ – Maclean’s

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